Think of cleansing as an insurance policy for good health

Cleansing your body should be an on going process. Think of it as an insurance policy. It’s like anything else in your life. Would you wait until you have run out of oil in your car before you serviced it? Would you wait for your air conditioner to stop working to service it? Think about your life and how being proactive has prevented possible future disastrous outcomes. Your body is basically no different!

Do not wait for signs that your body has become depleted or imbalanced, or worse, diseased.

Preventative Health Plan

Cleansing is the process of eliminating and removing toxins from the body. The purpose to be proactive in maintenance program is to prevent and reverse cellular damage which otherwise could lead to serious health risks. By removing excess toxins that block cellular connections and organ system function, many symptoms and ailments remarkably improve.

People always ask, “where do I start?”

A good Naturopathic Doctor will tell you the gut. Why? Everything is channeled in and through the gastrointestinal system. This system is VERY VULNERABLE to emotional and physical stressors. It is the failure of this system that starts a chain reaction compromising other organ systems.
The gut communicates through channels of chemical secretions like HCL, enzymes, bile, bicarbonate etc. Secretions like these are sent simultaneously from healthy organ systems like the liver and pancreas to other organ system do their job as well.

Healthy Gut Healthy You

Five Steps to maintaining gut health

1. Keep physical and emotional stress at a minimum. Cannabinoids in Abba Gold Oil supports neurological, endocrine, immune and hormonal regulation. It is a daily essential supplement for holistic body balance.
2. Selenium is the most important mineral for immune system and liver to function at their optimal level. Many people remain deficient in this life saving mineral. Without adequate selenium in your body, your immune system and liver will remain vulnerable.

3. Take probiotics, prebiotic fiber and eat fermented foods to built gut strength.

4. Staying hydrated and consume foods that contain water to help improve digestion and promote a healthy gut. A healthy and hydrated gut promotes better skin, immune systems, sleeping habits, positive moods, brain function, energy levels and may even help boost metabolism to aid weight loss.

5. Digestive enzymes are necessary for breaking down the food you eat into raw building blocks to fuel your body. Bloating, malabsorption, or difficulty transitioning to a new diet can all be signs of lagging enzymes. Proteolytic enzymes in Pro Defense taken on empty stomach helps to eliminate unwanted gut and systemic toxins that block natural secretions in gut and liver.

Supply up on Abba Gold Oil and Pro Defense for better systemic and gut heath. 

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