Highly recommended CBD

5.0 rating
November 11, 2019

“I carry Abba Gold Oil, CBD in my herb shop. I personally use and recommend Abba Gold Oil to all my staff and customers. My shoppers report they love the results. It has shown to be very effective for balancing the body. This is a very clean, organic oil that contains all its plant material. As an Herbologist, I find this to be extremely important.”

Sheryl, Botanica Herbs

Product meets expectations

5.0 rating
October 30, 2019

Great CBD product. The results are exactly what I’ve been looking for in a CBD product. Abba Gold Oil delivers on inflammation, pain and mental stability.”

James, AZ

Most impressive CBD product

5.0 rating
October 13, 2019

Great product. I tried other CBD products, this one so far is the most effective and most impressive in quality. Keep up the good work.


Deep healing results

5.0 rating
October 8, 2019

I have been using ABBA GOLD OIL for several years. Recently, I started to use your CBD Trauma pain cream with great results. I was diagnosed with a Basel cell carcinoma on my lip about 8 months ago. I did not want to have a section of my lip cut out, so I decided to try some natural healing methods. I tried Rick Simpson’s oil for a month and bloodroot salve for a month. About 2 weeks ago, I put some Abba GOLD OIL’s cream/salve on my lip. The results were almost miraculous. I have been using your salve now for three weeks and the spot on my lip is almost 100% gone. This product is definitely more than just for pain control. Just don’t rub your eyes after applying it contains cayenne pepper. It did burn the affected area on my lip a little, but it is totally worth it.

Tim S. TN

Excellent natural remedy

5.0 rating
October 2, 2019

Abba Gold Oil has supported my whole family. A few of us in the family with anxiety issues find it to be extra helpful. A few drops of 1500 mg. as needed…zero anxiety. The doctors wanted to put some of us on several types of medications. I just couldn’t do it. I’ve seen first hand what these medications has done to other family members. I now have the comfort and control to provide my family, a natural healthy remedy for anxiety and other ailments.

Karen M. AZ