300mg CBD Bottle 1/2 oz


Abba Gold Oil is sourced from organic hemp. Natural compounds of Abba Gold Oil provides the cells with nutrients, for increased cellular and organ system health. This highly enriched CBD oil has shown to balance the immune system, gut, brain and excels as an anti-inflammatory. It also shows promising in anxiety, depression and cancer reduction.

Abba Gold Oil’s extraction method is a natural process. We use only a patented process called Vapor Distillation. This process uses a vapor heat method that creates a quality, full CBD hemp oil, allowing strain profiles to remain more intact. This preserves more terpenes, cannabinoids and other valuable plant compounds while simultaneously creating a pure, potent holistic product.

Abba Gold Oil is Organic and Lab tested (3rd party), ensuring absolute purity. This oil has a delicious, nutty, molasses flavor and scent. It’s not bitter like you get with other CBD products.



Product Contains: 300mg Hemp Cannabinoid. This can include natural terpenoids; CBD, CBA, CBG, CBC, CBN.

Ingredients: Hemp Cannabinoid Extract, Fractioned Coconut Oil (Medium Chained Triglycerides).

Contains .3% THC OR LESS