Good company-Good products!

5.0 rating
June 2, 2020

I’m very grateful for the guidance that the Abba Gold Oil company has giving me. Your organic reds/green powder, enzymes and the 600 mg Gold oil are my mainstay for health. One week after my initial supplemental protocol, I noticed changes in my energy and sleep levels. My high cholesterol numbers and blood pressure normalized after 6 weeks.

Carol Az

Carol Az

Great product line and customer service

5.0 rating
April 19, 2020

I personally and professionally recommend this product line. Abba Gold Oil is a solid treatment for stress, inflammation and for those with long standing health disorders. It is full of the best compounds necessary for positive health outcomes. Abba Gold Oil’s trauma relief salve, is idealistic for deep muscle aches, joint stiffness, plantar fasciitis, arthritis and other chronic conditions. I just ordered your Immune Defense Pro… My patients will love it! Be proactive, stay healthy.

Jeff Kinds ND

Looking forward to a bright future

5.0 rating
March 22, 2020

Chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain, immune issues has mostly been a part of my life, even when I was little. The addition of Abba gold oil has positively changed my health. After 4 weeks, I noticed improvements with all my symptoms. I added on Enzyme Defense Pro. These two supplements have enabled me to wean off my all medications. My labs are now showing healthy results! I want to thank the Abba Gold health team for the information and support they have provided me.


Happy Customer

5.0 rating
February 25, 2020

I love abba gold oil. The taste and effects are outstanding. I switched not long ago from another brand. The lab reports regarding toxin contamination were found in many CBD products was a concern to me. My health wasn’t worth the gamble. I know Abba Gold Oil is organic and toxin free. My research into Abba gold oil’s farming was very impressive! It has been grown in clean, organic fields for years! Also, this company always responds back.


Years later, excellent results.

5.0 rating
February 19, 2020

I’ve been on Abba Gold Oil maintenance protocol for two straight years. My memory is better than ever. I’m in my 50’s. I was very worry about my memory, but not anymore. I feel more stable and have better endurance. This oil has help my memory, hormones and increased my over all health. I have tried other CBD products. Abba Gold Oil is one of the best!

Ellen CA